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Robert "Bob" Hicks Home & Mill House Restoration

Bogalusa, Louisiana

This project is funded under a National Park Service Civil Rights Sites grant, and seeks to restore the Historic Robert "Bob" Hicks Home and Mill House - the only state and nationally recognized commemorative site in Washington Parish that symbolizes the central hub and critical operation base of one of the most volatile hot spots of the civil rights movement in 1960s Louisiana. It is the site of the first historic marker dedicated to an African-American in Bogalusa or Washington Parish.  The Hicks Home has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Services, Department of Interior of the United States Government.  The goal is to preserve and restore the home so that it can be converted into Bogalusa and Washington Parish's first Civil Rights Museum and Multi-Cultural Center. Beard + Riser is committed to preserving these important places so that future generations will know the history of their significant contributions and remember the sacrifices and risk of the many men, women and children who  inspired justice, freedom and equality for all citizens of Louisiana, the South, and the nation.

Project Information:


Robert "Bob" Hicks Home Foundation




Hicks House: 1,536 SF, Mill House: 575 SF



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