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Leland Medical Clinic

Leland, Mississippi

The project involved renovation to the former W.S. Witte Memorial Hospital. The design goal was to create a more suitable layout for modern medical operations and updated code and life safety requirements, as well a general update to the overall aesthetic of the building.

The renovated space features updated exam rooms, x-ray room, offices, and patient areas to accommodate a variety of user needs within the building. New finishes include flooring, paint, doors, plaster and acoustical ceilings, updated lighting and mechanical systems, with sprinklers throughout. Exterior upgrades include new windows, wood trim and soffit repair, as well as a new parking layout in front of the building.

The project was completed in phases over a period of three years, and is funded through a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant.

Project Information:


Delta Health Alliance




12,500 SF


Completed 2017

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