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Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.

Greenwood, Mississippi

Beard + Riser has worked with the City of Greenwood and Milwaukee Electric Tool to expand its manufacturing facility space for Greenwood operations and upgrade its existing plant, in multiple phased projects since 2014.

The goal of the Megahub project was the use of branding and color to provide a sense of corporate pride, showcasing Milwaukee Tool’s history and industry recognition, while expanding to better accommodate employee needs and its tool repair and reconstruction segment. Renovations included updated entrances, break areas, offices, meeting and conference space, updated restrooms for ADA compliance, updated mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sprinklers, roofing and wall panels.

Existing building upgrades includes renovation to front and rear restrooms, office restrooms, first aid room, three break rooms, second floor office area, sprinkler system upgrades and a new on-site health clinic. Work at the existing building included an addition of 2,150 square feet for office space.

Project Information:


City of Greenwood / Milwaukee Tool




200,000 SF



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