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Rail Spike Park Pavilion

Greenwood, Mississippi

The project includes a pavilion as part of a two mile rail-to-trail conversion along an abandoned railway corridor in downtown Greenwood. The linear park is intended to be a gathering place and provide a path for running, biking and walking from the downtown Amtrak station to the Highway 82 connection.

The multi-use pavilion was designed to be reflective of the utilitarian nature of the rail corridor, bordered by brick warehouses and industrial buildings, as well as the metal agrarian gin buildings and tractor shes common to the Mississippi Delta. The recognizable form of the pavilion structure is intended to be welcoming at an important intersection where two areas of the city converge.

The pavilion is marked by a double-height volume on the southeast corner of the intersecting streets, marking the area that is intended for use as a performance platform for outdoor concerts. Two wings go out from this central volume, north and west, which can be used as both a covered area in shade during performances, but also for weekly use during the Greenwood Farmers Market. Each wing features electrical service, ceiling fans and lighting. Materials are simple - steel framing is clad with simple metal panels and skylight panels, with open-air windows cut in and a large open-air cupola to allow for constant ventilation.

Beard + Riser was a consultant to prime designer LandDesign of Charlotte, North Carolina on this project.

Project Information:


City of Greenwood




2,880 SF


Completed 2017

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